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Agriculture is subject to continuous change and needs to adapt to new chal- lenges all the time. The extensive drought experienced in recent years has affected soils, and water is becoming a more and more precious resource as a result. That’s why it is even more important to find new alternatives and solutions for cultivating agricultural land sustainably.

Koralin 9

The LEMKEN cultivator Koralin 9 protects the soil from erosion and maintains soil moisture. It combines the advantages of both a disc harrow and a cultivator and is ideal for full area, ultra shallow soil cultivation. This way you protect your soil and can look forward to a perfect result after work.


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The multitasker

The cultivation of catch crops revitalises soils and can effectively reduce soil erosion induced by water and wind, especially in areas prone to erosion. Shallow, full-width tillage with the Koralin 9 reliably undercuts catch crops in spring. As they then stop drawing water from the soil, essential moisture is retained in the soil.

Optimal crop development

Right after the harvest is the time for preparing a basis from which the next crop can develop optimally. The Koralin 9 cuts stubble both vertically and horizontally across the full working width to promote rapid microbiological decomposition. At the same time, it incorporates harvest residue at a very shallow depth. This encourages the even emergence of weed seeds and volunteer cereals while also reducing evaporation. As a result, water in the soil is retained for catch crops.

Stubble tillage

The Koralin 9 is also ideal for stubble tillage in a second pass. Emerged volunteer cereals and rapeseed are undercut at a shallow depth and distributed evenly in the soil to promote optimal natural decomposition. Trailing harrow tines move the finer roots to the surface. This causes volunteer cereals, rapeseed and weeds to dry out and therefore ensures effective control. The risk of blockage is reduced thanks to the clever combination of cultivation tools operating horizontally and vertically. The leading discs make it easier for the tines to penetrate the soil and therefore reduce traction requirements for the tractor.

Protects the
water balance

Catch crop cultivation

Cultivating catch crops in spring prepares soils for the subsequent main crop. However, catch crops drain a lot of water from the soil and therefore need to be destroyed across the entire field. The shallow tillage achieved with the Koralin 9 ensures that water capillaries are retained and moisture in the soil is therefore protected.

First stubble tillage

After the grain harvest, soil loses a lot of water via straw stubble. The Koralin 9 undercuts stubble at a shallow depth and creates ideal conditions for the emergence of volunteer cereals. Straw stubble no longer draws water from the soil and instead forms a straw cover across the field that protects the soil against erosion.

Second stubble tillage

The Koralin 9 continues to support the water balance in the soil during the second stubble tillage pass. Emerged volunteer cereals and weeds die off reliably after tillage, and water capillaries are cut off close to the surface to prevent capillary rise.

Koralin in our
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Insights from our specialists, practitioners & scientists about the technical possibilities of the Koralin in ultra-flat stubble cultivation. We also discuss the agronomic aspects and solutions for gentle cultivation of agricultural land.



The Koralin 9 offers a wide range of applications and works particularly gentle on the material thanks to its combination of discs and tines.

Absolute precision
across the full width

Precise interaction

The disc and tine action must be optimally harmonised to ensure that the implement works without blockage. One disc works immediately in front of the respective share point, and two discs work in front of the share wing.

Technical data

Ease of road transport is essential if implements are to be deployed safely and rapidly on fields. With a transport height of 4.0 metres and a transport width of 3.0 metres, depending on the version, the Koralin 9 is easy to transport and complies with all requirements.

Description Koralin 9
660 KUA
Koralin 9
840 KUA
Working width 660 cm 840 cm
Tractor output 231-330 HP 294-420 HP
Discs 43 pcs. 55 pcs.
Disc diameter 510 mm
Beam spacing – discs 90 cm
Line spacing – discs 15 cm
Tines 22 pcs. 28 pcs.
Share width 380 mm
Beam spacing – tines 100 cm
Line spacing – tines 30 cm
Frame height – tines 57 cm
Transport width 3,0 m
Transport height 3,4 m 4,0 m
Length with single roller 9,1 m
Length with harrow 10,1 m
Weight 7.029 kg 8.495 kg


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Ultra-flexible and

The work of the Koralin 9 is by no means done behind the tine section. For recon- solidation and optimal crumbling, you have a choice of three different trailing rollers. They promote the capillary rise of water in the soil and ensure that volunteer cereals emerge reliably. Perfect straw distribution and improved soil crumbling is achieved with the hydraulically adjustable four-row harrow. The LEMKEN trailing tools ensure an optimal outcome for each and every application!

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