Koralin 9

The new LEMKEN hybrid cultivator Koralin 9 protects the soil from erosion and maintains soil moisture. It combines the advantages of both a disc harrow and a cultivator and is ideal for full area, ultra shallow soil cultivation. This way you protect your soil and can look forward to a perfect result after work.

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The great drought of the last few years is causing the soil to suffer and water is becoming an even more precious commodity, which makes it all the more important to find new alternatives and solutions for the careful cultivation of agricultural land. For ultra-flat stubble cultivation, incorporation of catch crops and mechanical weed control, LEMKEN is presenting the hybrid cultivator Koralin 9 with a novel tool combination of discs and a tine fitted with duckfoot shares. This combination reliably controls the weeds even in high stands or when the straw is not worn down.


Optimal soil cultivation against erosion and for high water retention


Wide range of trailing rollers for all operating conditions soil cultivation against erosion and for high water retention


Grilled sausages from the grill after successful field work


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